Quality Process

Modern Steel Mills L.L.C. has always given quality utmost priority and this dedication to quality has resulted in success, highly marketable services and products. Quality is incorporated by the professionals at the company at every work stage, right from conception to completion. This is done to continually improve and provide value in everything we do.
The company's quality control process adheres to give important elements:
  • Manufacturing Excellence
  • Employee Contentment
  • Social Responsibility
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Organizational Performance
The instrument at the quality control lab that are used for measuring continuous quality improvement of the products from several angles at several production stages, include:
  • 100KV Universal Testing Machine
  • Spectrometer
  • Hardness Testing machine
  • Microscope
Modern Steel Mills L.L.C. is a TUV certified company that maintains quality standards for all TMT Bars by continually providing assistance on the quality improvement of products, like TMT Bars, Billets, and Structural Steel.

Quality Management

The four levels of entire Quality Management are as follows:
  • Inspection
  • Control
  • Assurance
  • Total Quality Management (TQM)
Inspection Process Purpose: In this process, material and products at different production stages are inspected, tested, identified and traced in line with the applicable IS specifications and customer requirements.

Scope: Right from product receipt, during process and before dispatch, product is inspected, tested, identified and traced.


Direct Reduced Iron Unit (D.R.I.): Fe content in the sized iron-ore and ash content in the coal are tested and then charged to D.R.I plant. The sponge iron produced at the DRI plant is tested for its Fe content as well as chemical composition, and is identified by day wise production.

The material that conforms is further taken to SMS plant for charging, while the material did not conform are send to reject yard.

Steel Melting Shop (SMS): The material is melted at about 18, 0000 C in an Electric Arc Furnace in the SMS plant. The control of molten material's chemistry is achieved by automatically removing slag in the Arc furnace. The molten metal is inspected for its chemical composition. Several ferroa lloys are added to meet the required composition. The molten steel with required chemical composition is sent from Electric Arc Furnace to the continuous casting unit for casting billet.

Continuous Casting Machine (CCM): The produced billets are visually inspected to check its surface condition and then are tested for chemical composition. The surface discontinuity in the material is not entertained, and it is sent for recycling at SMS unit. The tested billet is passed to the Rolling Mill raw material yard with an appropriate batch number.

Rolling Mill: The Billets passed to the Rolling mill for production. Inspection at all stages are performed during the production process. Identification and segregation process of non-conforming products are carried out and those products are passed to recycling unit. The finished product is visually inspected and for its physical property in the final inspection. Then, a Lot Number is allotted to it and then it is stored in the finished product yard.

Quality Control

Total Quality Management

TQM or Total Management creates a complete and all-encompassing module which enables to achieve Manufacturing Excellence.

Every element of the term Total Quality Management speaks of an important detail.

Total: Means whole.
Quality: Degree of excellence of a product/ service.
Management: The art and science of planning, controlling, directing…. which is why, TQM is the art and science of managing everything to achieve excellence.

Plan: Establishment of the objectives and process essential for delivering results, in line with the Customer’s requirements and the organization’s policies.
Do: Process implementation.
Check: Monitoring and measuring process and products according to the objectives, policies and product requirements to make sure it is in strict adherence and results are detailed reported.
Act: Continual improvement of process performance.

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