Electric Arc Furnace is of 25T capacity with salient features to produce liquid steel with state to art of technology by hydraulically controlled electrode regulation system for arcing, eccentric bottom tapping with fast tilt back to ensure slag free tapping and tapping additions to control the chemical properties.

Ladle refining furnace for handling 25T ladles efficient to process refining of steel to produce different grades and equipped with alloy additions and wire feeding additions.

Billet casting machine is of Concast India make to produce squares of 100x100, 120x120, 130x130 & 150x150 Billets. Machine is equipped with latest technology of Linz Austria of continuous continues straightening within the radius of 6 Mtr to ensure the less stresses and uniform quality of billets.

Rolling Mill: This plant is a hot rolling mill for production of flats and serrated flats. Raw are heated to a rolling temperature at about 1250 ⁰ C in the billet reheated furnace. These material is steel billets of size 100 x 100 x 1500, 120 x 120 x 1500 and 130 x 130 x 1500, which heated billets are rolled through the rolling mill consisting of three parts, 3 HI-400cc Roughing Mill, 4 Stands Intermediate Mill and 6 Stands Finishing Mill. The Intermediate and Finishing stands are of continuous type having PLC Automation.

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